Dandy Lenny (foto)
NaamLenny Schoofs
Genres90s, club, house, r&b
SiteSite dandylenny.com
Lenny Schoofs aka Dandy Lenny, born with headphones, had already build his first studio at age 13.
That little attic room was soon exchanged for the garage where he had more space not only for his light and sound systems
but also to organize his first, notorious, parties.
His qualities as all-round dj did not remain unnoticed and in no time he made name and fame in the local nightlife and ... beyond.
Dandies dada is undoubtedly the art to respond to the "mood" of the public, he prepares his play-lists therefore à la minute.
Over the years he also engaged in other projects like the Wixx Brothers and Discobar Lassy, to date 2 successful formulas...
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 18 november 2017: Dominico's birthday weekender, Versuz, Hasselt
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