NaamLeon Licht
Leeftijd29 - 30
Genresdeephouse, progressive, techhouse, techno
Leon Licht was born 1988 in Berlin. At the age of 9 he got in touch with electronic music by german music tv. One year later his sister took him to legendary LOVEPARADE in Berlin. That seemed to be a significant moment in his life.

After finishing highschool in 2007 Leon was nuts about partying. He went out every night from monday to sunday, getting in touch with people, djs and clubs. That's why his connections in nightlife grew pretty fast.

2009 he hosted his first party at VCF, where he became resident-dj in 2010. Together with his chummy mate Luis Hill, he formed the party label FORMTANZ. They organised more partys at HOPPETOSSE, K-PAX and VCF.
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 16 december 2017: Once in a Blue Moon, Kerk Ruigoord, Amsterdam
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