TooL8 (foto)
NaamSven Kirchner & Max Keck
FunctieDJ, groep
TooL8 are Sven Kirchner alias Horst Koffer and Max Keck, also known as Max Knospe. With their live-sets these two Bergisch guys (residents of BergWacht) are a fixture of BergWacht for a long time and had their first label-signing with "Schmitzhöhe", the debut release on BergWacht Records.
Horst and Max are tuning techno tracks since 2007 – and since the beginning of 2011 they are tuning together as TooL…8. Their productions can be classed with melodic techno / techno, playful and harmonious, and often are like a pure blossoming of emotions and feelings, which they try to perform in their own manner.
The second release is out on the Berlin label Maripoza Records with Voyage EP...
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