Fanteria (foto)
NaamGaby Sandbergen
Genreshardstyle, raw hardstyle
My name is Gaby Sandbergen.
First of all I can say, my first experience with hardstyle was trully love at first sight!
At the age of 16, I went to a party called Shockers.
It was absolutly amazing !!
I didn't knew any of the dj's who where playing that night. But there was one stage that night that took my attention. There where so many people inside that went grazy, I just had to take a look!
And there she was .. the first female hardstyle dj "Lady Dana". She stood there behind the decks, loved by the crowd and back!
Lady Dana inspired me from the beginning i had seen her. The only thing that i could think off was me, standing on the stage just like her...
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- Kevin
Heerlijke binnen komer op MiM labelnight:D

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wat draaide jij een mega set op indoor gisteren! jammer dat het maar een half uur duurde!!!
Thanks!!Super om te horen :D
DjFanteria - Fanteria@­Our Music Presents Titan!
Shit!! Vette mix!!
Dankje Javet :D
Defend the raw, lekkere plaat! Jammer genoeg niet bij je set op Bass Academy geweest, hoop je snel ergens te horen :)