Christian Löffler (foto)
NaamChristian Löffler
FunctieDJ, producer, live act
Boekingen viaSite
Being asked to describe his own music, Christian Loeffler states that he tries to combine melancholy with euphoria. "All my music is connected by a gloomy spirit, which is minted by a warm sincerity. I try to merge all kinds of different acoustic colors to obtain this feeling in my music."

Loeffler started to play music by the age of 14. Living in a secluded region, lacking a musical surrounding, he had to teach himself the essentials of making electronic music. Before long he developed his own deep and moving sound, colored with a melancholic undertone- Music for the soul & for the body. He recalls a variety of music styles he listened to as a child and teenager that were highly influential to his own development as a musician.
Christian Löffler – Young Alaska · 3 juni 2014
Van sommige artiesten weet je gewoon dat het goed zit en ook wat voor sound ze gaan brengen. De release die we nu in handen hebben, komt van Ki records label mede-eigenaar Christian Löffler. Deze artistieke techno kunstenaar komt nu met 'Young Alaska'.
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