F. NĝIzE (foto)
NaamFrancesco Marazzi
FunctieDJ, live act
Lid van groepenScarphase & System Noize
Leeftijd31 - 32
Genresfrenchcore, hardcore, industrial hardcore, oldschool, terror, uptempo hardcore
Class 87, hit the ground of the clubs at the age of 16 years presenting his first hardstyle productions to the Roman people, who welcomed him with great enthusiasm. In 2007 is noted by Dj Vortex, thanks to the remix of the track "Black Turin" by Paul Morocco, thus becoming part of the Crew HARDFORUM. The gap with the music hardstyle was approaching, the passion for hardcore grew inexorably and sounds of the hardstyle beginning to be too "soft" to the ears of the DJ! The real turning point came when, DJ Vortex, make him resident dj of the Hardforum events, with whom maintain close the teeth the fame of the best parties of the underground Roman, until today. In the years to follow F...
Project Hardcore #14 - Mixed by Noize Bangerz & F.Noize · 13 januari 2015
PH#14: Lekker hard en lekker up-tempo! Noize Bangerz en F. NøIzE zijn de mannen die het 'em doen. Verdeeld over 2 schijfjes brengen zij 2 gevarieerde mixen die na afloop nog wel even blijven nagalmen.
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F. Noize Solo · Exclusive Germany EditionResonanzWerkOberhausen
F. NøIzE (nog niet compleet)
25 december 2018
Foto's, Army of Hardcore, 25 december 2018, Turbinenhalle, Oberhausen
9 december 2017
Foto's, Snakepit, 9 december 2017, Klokgebouw, Eindhoven
24 november 2017
Foto's, Footworxx, 24 november 2017, Le Cadran, Luik
6 oktober 2017
Foto's, Overstuurd, 6 oktober 2017, Sans Souci, Berlikum
5 augustus 2017
Foto's, AIRFORCE Festival, 5 augustus 2017, Vliegveld Twenthe, Enschede
15 juli 2017
Foto's, Dominator, 15 juli 2017, E3 Strand, Eersel
25 maart 2017
Foto's, Masters of Hardcore, 25 maart 2017, Brabanthallen, 's-Hertogenbosch
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Altijd beuken met F-noize beste uptempo DJ
hardcore 4ever
Er top
De set in sector 79 @­ Dominator heerlijk van genoten, topper van de avond voor mij
You killed it with Partyraiser on Project (Y)
Jesper Scholten
Event Pictures
top DJ, lekker volle zaal tijdens zijn performance.­
Tomik NL
! Freebee
My all time favorite <3
BANGING HARD! @­ Imperial Hardcore! keep it up man!!!
:[ ;­D MarcoT­erreur :rot:
The Plague :respect:
What a hero he is!!! He blew the stage together with Tieum&­Partytaiser at BKJN
Deze kerel weet tenminste wat van beuken af !
Keep up the good work!!
:Bounce: Koen
Deze man weet hoe die plaatjes maakt! Draait super on stage! :D
You are my new favorite dj :respect:

22 opmerkingen

When and where is your gig in holland?? :D
They call me superman, I'm here to rescue you! _O_
Love the Forbidden Planet set and all your tracks!
You better be hired at some awesome Dutch festival / party soon!
Youre a fucking beast men ! Waauuww i really love youre tracks and sets ! Keep on going men !
F. NøIzE Heroooo! :respect::bounce:
laatste aanpassing
Thrillogy! Cant wait :hyper:
Superman 2012 is zo f#­ckin vet!! Op het laatst krijg je echt een orkaan van geluid over je heerlijk!
Paraponzipo F.­noize remix lekker!
You are a hero! I love your work! Keep om going!! You are doing amazing! (L)
laatste aanpassing
Hardcore as it should be!!!
keep it up man!
I want 2 have youre set from pandemonium 2014 vs spitnoise send it me please
Knalleee!! F. NøIzE - Koning. Zijn bass bezorgt mij KIPPEVELLL ! _O_
laatste aanpassing
Absolute Master what a Hero!! Always surprises with new stuff and fast beats with a banging low bass