Dalamrumah (foto)
Genresdeephouse, house, progressive, techhouse
SiteSite dalamrumah.nl
Dalamrumah was born in Arnhem the netherlands. At the age of 15 he was already playing around with the his brother's mixset.
Music really does his thing for him. 9 years ago, he returned at a friend's home party by practicing with Vinyl.
After his friend had bought two CDJ1000 MK3 and a mixer Datec they were found together more frequently practising in the attic. Then he decided to also buy a Pioneer set. He mixed for hours and hours to get better and better.
Within a short time he was asked at parties and weddings.
Today he is a professional DJ on gigs in clubs and various concepts where he plays the audience with his DJ Skills.
He is also resident DJ on a 30+ party (Pleasure Lounge) which is given every 6 weeks at Max Brothers (Arnhem)...
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