foto Sash
NaamSascha Lappessen
FunctieDJ, live act, producer
Genres90s, pop, trance


Surely, in the pop-universe, anything is possible... but that someone from Viersen near Mönchengladbach starts a world career is a little bit unbelievably but true! That a boy from the Niederrhein produces pop melody's who are going around the planet through clubs and charts is one of the big success stories of German pop music. After now over fifteen years of big success and 22 million international sold CD's are all the hits together on one album. SASH!- Best Of. All the songs entered the charts around the World almost everywhere in the top ten positions. SASH! Made a trip into the Business-Class of the charts where normally only Madonna, Ricky Martin or U2 getting the top spots. The first song in 1994 was called CARECA-INDIAN RAVE...