Lowriderz (foto)
NaamNick Kraft & Bjorn Aerts
FunctieDJ, groep
Lid van groepNoize Junky Showcase
Gordon Smith, Bjorn Aerts
H4bitane, Nick Kraft
Genresfrench tek, hardstyle
Boekingen viaSite platform.dj
Lowriderz is one of the most energetic acts in the hard dance genre today. Apart from their fresh flavored solo releases they love to make creative mashups and remixes. On stage this Belgian DJ duo shows what they are made off by unleashing their everlasting enthusiasm for hard dance music. By bringing a bad ass blend of all types of harder styles and trap, they have only one mission: cranking up every crowd they meet.
The steps that were made the last few years haven't been unnoticed.The last two years Lowriderz played at venues like the Sportspalace Antwerp, Lotto Arena Antwerp, Flanders Expo and festivals like Tomorrowland, Defqon 1., Decibel Outdoor, Sunrise Festival, The Qontinent, Nature One and Pussylounge...
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Party agenda Lowriderz
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godverdomme wat een bazen!!!!!! @≠ plug and play

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