The Illuminated (foto)
NaamYuri van der Zalm & Joep Koeleman & Vence
FunctieDJ, groep
Dyzz, Yuri van der Zalm, partyflock Dyzz
Rebus, Joep Koeleman, partyflock Rebus
Few facts about the origins of dubstep are widely accepted - but two or three stand out in my mind as certainties.

The fact that the sound originated from South London. The fact that labels like Big Apple, DMZ and Tempa were crucial in supporting (and circulating the sounds of) the first producers making what has become known as dubstep. Last, but definitely not least, the fact that the sound we now know and love grew from the intersection of genres like dub/ reggae, grime and garage (to name a few) and the UK's Jamaican Soundsystem culture. It's the latter that strikes me as the most important when listening to three Dutch producers who make music under 'The Illuminated' moniker.
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