FunctieDJ, live act
Genresdarkcore, frenchcore, hardcore, industrial hardcore, speedcore, terror
Daniel aka. Badazz Warraw has started 2003 with the Djing. In 2004 was his first performance in the "Musikcafé Poison" in Betzdorf. After a long break we heard what 2007 again until he. He was at the onlineradio "Evil Society" and short while also on "". Especially for reasons of time only really started his career in the year 2012. Since the mid 2012, he is resident DJ at "Hellsound Events" and "Toxic Sickness Radio". His favorite Styles are Darkcore, Industrial, Frenchcore, Terror & Speedcore. In 2013 start the new Sideproject for the Styles Terror & Speedcore "Badazz Unchained" and Badazz Warraw have the first Bookings outside from Germany.
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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 9 januari 2015: Devil's Ground, Walkabout, Breda
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