Christopher Rau (foto)
NaamChristopher Rau
FunctieDJ, live act
Genreshouse, techno, zouk
Im a dj, producer and live act. I live in hamburg since 2009,togehter with two friends we run a small house and techno label called dérive.
I also released records on labels like pampa, giegling/staub, laid, smallville and ethereal sounds.
Istarted making music around 2000. Back then hiphop was my affair.
Somehow i became a dj and since then i played in various clubs around the world.
I am also collaborating with other artists like Jacques Bon (as bon & rau), Moomin (as roaming), tilman tausendfreund and smallpeople.
Hope to see you soon at a party in your area.
So long!
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