No Shit Like Deep (foto)
NaamJens Holmes & Jan Brokken
FunctieDJ, groep
Jens Holmes, Jens Holmes
We adore music. Deep, soulful and emotive music. That's why we insist on playing long sets.. Preferably all night.. And all day.. Because we love afterparties too. And birthdayparties, swingerparties, indoor or outdoor, poolparties, après-ski or open-air, beach- and rooftopparties, in livingrooms or gardens, hell, even bedrooms could work. We're crazy about vinyl. And girls. Pretty, funny or skanky. We like boys too, have a beer with them.. or two. Or wodka. And rhum.. Or most other drinks, we're easy going.. Except when it comes to music, because we adore deep music.
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