NaamSebastian Bronk
FunctieDJ, producer
AliasBasti Lourenz (voorganger)
Genreselectro, house, progressive trance
partyflock Sebastian Bronk (26 apr 2018)
The musical Dutch DJ formerly known as "Basti Lourenz" was discovered on the beautiful island of Curacao in the summer of 2006. A local club owner, who loved his fresh and uplifting sound, gave him a chance to spin at his club a few nights. It was there that Sebastian Bronk DJ's career got its proper lift off. It did not take long before promoters took notice and shortly after other bookings followed.
Within a couple of months, this upcoming 'stranger' played at several big parties in Holland, continuing to become more and more well-known. In the following years he managed to add several residency spots to his name, large Dutch organizations booked him and he played at a soccer stadium in front of 25,000 people!!
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