Eric Cloutier (foto)
NaamEric Cloutier
HerkomstVerenigde Staten
Genresdub, house, techno
Now making music as considered and carefully crafted as his DJ sets, Eric Cloutier has long been an influential underground selector. Though he recently started releasing his own music, it's fair to say that Eric Cloutier has established himself as an influential underground figure purely off the back of his DJ sets. Known to be able to tease and control crowds for extended periods of time without resorting to cheap thrills or lowest common denominator kicks, since first emerging in 1996 he has been installed as resident at some of the most knowing venues around the world, and for good reason.
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hij was echt dik op Voltt '14
Techno Dr
Hij deed het goed op Voltt 2014.­ Sloot zijn set af met Underworld Dark Train.­