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NaamPatrick Gräser
FunctieDJ, live act
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When Answer Code Request's first EP suddenly hit the shelves of Berlin's seminal record store Hard Wax in 2011, speculation across the web took up instantly. Was this another incarnation of affiliated Techno stalwarts, like Marcel Dettmann or Shed? A lot of people were very sure it had to be, even if further discussion seemed to agree that the music contained on this mysterious 12" would mean a bold redesign, as it was quite a different beast. Sure, there was the industrial punch, heavy groove and fierce determination associated with the Berghain sound and Ostgut Ton's artists, but then again there were so many unfamiliar layers and signatures...
Answer Code Request - Code · 11 juli 2014
Answer Code Request zag in 2011 zijn carrière een enorme boost krijgen. Drie jaar later is 'Code' zijn debuutalbum als producer.
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