Genresdeephouse, electro, house, techhouse
When Andy Leka hits the decks, the party is on. His energetic vibe, feeling for the crowd and his party mode established quite a name in the circle of DJ's in Italy and Switzerland in his early years. Nowadays he gets to export this to a greater deal of countries. As a resident of Rimini's well known Life Club, where he's been working since 2003, Andy Leka always played the big parties. In the off-season of Rimini, Andy Leka dj-ing at festivals all over Italy and other countries like Switzerland, Spain, The Netherlands and Germany. In 2009 Andy became resident DJ of Saint Trop Club in Thun, Switzerland. His most recent 2013 tour in the Spanish costas became a successful execration.
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Laatste optreden was op zondag 4 juni 2017: World Club Dome, Commerzbank-Arena, Frankfurt am Main
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