NaamVasilios Vidakis
Genresclub, electro, house
Vasilios Vidakis aka Dj Billy V is one of the first DJs in Hersonissos. Born there in late 70s he started playing music in 1987 at the first disco club in Hersonissos (disco star) and since then he never stopped spinning music .
His music style is commercial with fresh sounds, great remixes and mashups, always combined with his MC skills that makes what you hear very special.
He was the first DJ to play on Starbeach in 1993 and worked there for 14 years.
After 10 years of being resident DJ at Amnesia club he started playing in CAMEO Club (Hersonissos) .
With all these years in the nightlife of Hersonissos, Billy V became the top local DJ resulting in worldwide recognition and his own radio show at SUPER 90,4FM...
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