HerkomstSri Lanka
Genresafro, cumbia, salsa
DJ style is a unique blend of African, Caribbean and Latin rhythms - a percussive explosion that includes heavy Afro grooves, old school mambo, Tropical Disco, bouncing samba, calypso funk and heavy Cumbia, bringing vintage styles up to date with exclusive dubplate edits and a contemporary club slant.

Hugo Mendez has put together several albums for leading record labels, including the genre-defining Tumbélé! compilation for Soundway Records and the highly successful Tropical Funk Experience album for Nascente. The albums come from digging trips across the Caribbean – scouring dusty warehouses and shacks for forgotten vinyl treasures and painstakingly tracking down artists and producers from back in the day. Hugo also produces the cult Rhythmagic Orchestra project with Nostalgia 77, and runs the Sofrito Specials label.
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 9 juni 2018: Drift Festival, Vasim Fabriek, Nijmegen
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