FunctieDJ, live act
DK BROTHERS is an ambicious project than joins two twins brothers called Aleix and Edu, who really like to play with innovation. They are part of Tekno Booking Agency know as Breakstorm, in Barcelona, and this last year their entry in Electrobooking Agency too.
Their carrer does not stop growing after joining Astrofonik Records and having colaborated with Teklicit Marsatek, Free Style Listen in various of their vinyls productions.
This last year they created her first E.P in solo behond Para-noise in Astrofonic records.
Their style is very personal, were they mix in live all type of sounds; since Happy Tekno, Ragga to Hardcore/Tribe.

Releases as: Eurotek 08, 09 / Para-Noize 05, 07, 09 / Chien de la Casse 12, 13 etc… caracterise them.
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' Make'm die slowly.
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hebben een aparte eigen stijl,absoluut geen meelopers met de rest,top gwoon.denk ook wel ondergewaardeerd maar erbij!! vet dit hoor!!:respect:
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