Marga Margaret (foto)
Geboortedatum14 juli
Genresacid, funk, house, soul, techno
Marga Margaret is a Dutch DJ. Passionately driven by music, ambitions, and never stopping to achieve her goals.
She has dedicated herself making her dreams come true by giving the clubbing crowd the powerful tunes they deserve.
From soulful to funky latin tech house sounds, with an intense tech twist and her surprising progressive and tribal elements complete her set.
Marga reaches out to the audience as a deejay /producer and boosts her high quality set with her pure love for beats. You get what you give, and Marga's bright energy from behind the wheels of steel makes her an artist to keep a very close eye on.

Where Fantasy becomes Reality!
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Laatste optreden was op zondag 30 juli 2017: Happy boeddha festival, Skeef, Heerhugowaard
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