foto Obey
Genresbass, dubstep


Obey had his first encounter with dubstep about 6 years ago. From that day on, he rarely listens to anything else. His passion for dubstep grew so big, that the decided besides just listening to music, to try and play sets himself.

It soon became clear that Obey had a lot of talent for djing, and this resulted in numerous gigs at small local events. Obey had his first serious booking in the fall of 2012 at FYAH! playing alongside Tekone, Shockone, Tomba and Pat.

Since joining the Access Booking Agency and the Access FM Radio crew, Obey played at multiple major events in Holland. Starting out as a resident dj in the Talent Room at the infamous 50Hurtz events, he soon made his debute in the main room at the Melkweg.