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NaamLuciano Genoa & Quincy Mariano
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Quincy Mariano & Luciano Genoa are two brothers from Rotterdam.

Their passion for music started at a young age, and was something they were raised with during their childhood. Luciano was the first one working on music in his younger years, which resulted in his first track when he was only fourteen.

Things really got serious when Quincy and Luciano got their own dj set from their uncle. Especially Quincy found himself indulged in mixing tracks, it was becoming more than just a hobby. His big brother joined him quickly after. Something that began as just a 'thing' for fun, became a true passion for the "wheels of steel".

Luciano helped his little brother by signing him up for various talent shows. And not without success; Quincy won the Kunstbende in 2011; a talent show in the south of Holland. Luciano managed to get gigs on various house parties, and from that moment on, they took off.

They've rocked the following clubs since 2012: Bloemendaal XXXL in Club Rhone, Panama, Club AIR (Club MTV), The Sugar Factory, Little Buddha, Bungalow 8 in Amsterdam, and Hollywood Music Hall, BED, VIP Room, Maassilo, Thalia Lounge, St.Tropez and Club Livv in Rotterdam also got a taste of the dynamic duo.Quincy and Luciano manage to give away true entertainment with their own unique style in the booth, something every club needs. They obviously enjoy being able to entertain people, their interaction and chemistry is something that everyone in the audience feels immediately. This is the main reason why they already established a loyal fan base in a short period of time, both in Rotterdam and Amsterdam. It's needless to say they want more! The common goal of this duo is sharing their own unique style with music lovers while gaining an (inter)national reputation.

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