Kids at the Turntable (foto)
NaamChristophe Dedoncker & Thomas De Meyer
FunctieDJ, groep
Leeftijd9 - 10
Genreselectro, house, minimal, techno
The summer of 2008 was the beginning of Kids At The Turntable. A project by Christophe and Thomas, two kids from Brussels and with a deep passion for electronic music. They started their adventure at the age of 15 and weren't legally supposed to drink any type of alcohol. But that didn't stop them to do the things they love. They started spinning records at some local parties and had just one mission, and one mission only, to let the crowd enjoy themselves and let them go home with a BIG SMILE.
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Party agenda Kids at the Turntable
Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 27 maart 2015: Bougez Bougez, Decadance, Gent
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