FunctieDJ, producer
Genresearly hardstyle, hardstyle, raw hardstyle
Starting off as a new concept in 2012, Cellrock became one of the newest members of the Theracords family. Cellrock is born close to Düsseldorf, Germany, and has been in touch with electronic music since he was 11 years old. In spite of all trends going towards Rock and Hip-hop, Cellrock's heart was set between 140-160 beats per minute. The central theme behind his music is simple: 'Bring the bassline back!". Cellrock's music is dynamic, groovy, extremely energetic, and has a flowing sound.
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 12 september 2015: Q-BASE, Airport weeze, Weeze
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Tomik NL
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lkkr gedraai man op q base heb filmpje van je http://www.­youtube.­com/watch?v=­9ybdDKcOjxM

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Benieuwd wie er achter dit alias schuilt :).
hardstyle wie es fruher angefangen hat.
thumbs up. klasse! :D
Gut zu sehen das es auch dejays gibt wem die geschichte lebend erhalten
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Fantastic guy! I hope to see him spinning soon. Nice to meet you at Decibel at the early hs stage :) see you!
Wat een held!