Deve & Matizz (foto)
FunctieDJ, groep
The sounds and energy that comes with shows of Deve & Matizz is uncomparable to that of any other DJ. They bring the party to you, through their techniques and uplifting vibe and the big sound with a blink for commercial tunes they never fail to deliver what the people want. And they want Pure Madness... And the people,... they seem to like it!

Where genres doesn't matter anymore, that's where these guys are at their best.
With a high-energy live set and no limitations they are poised to be wrecking venues all across the world.
Influenced by genres like hip hop, moombahton, house, trap and more they're breaking with all the habits in the scene.
In 2015 they introduced the #squadonfire hashtag to unite their fans and doing their biggest college tour in Belgium with over 30 gigs in less then 3 months.
They are the first musical act in Belgium that was able to do such an amazing tour which made them pioneers in the current scene.
Devoted to their fans and with energetic vibes from the studio to the stage, these innovators are ready to take over.
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