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Snuff Crew is a mysterious project from Germany and it's all about jacking. Their tracks and remixes bring passion and fun back on the dancefloors. The guys have already teamed up with legendary artists like Robert Owens, Tyree Cooper, Kim Ann Foxman, Hard Ton, Rachel Row and many more. In 2010 they launched their own label Snuff Trax. With their jackin live shows the duo is
touring around the globe. Snuff Crew already played in world-famous venues like Berghain (Berlin), Womb (Tokyo), Solyanka (Moscow), Social Club (Paris) and on amazing festivals like Wire (Yokohama).

In October 2013 the third Snuff Crew album "Behind The Masks" will be released on BPitch Control.
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 19 september 2015: Bordello Von Westen, BAR, Rotterdam
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