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NaamPhillip Lauer
FunctieDJ, live act
Lid van groepBlack Spuma
Phillip Lauer is a producer, musician and DJ based in Frankfurt.

Raised on a strict diet of hip hop & punk rock, Phillip finally succumbed to the pleasures of electronic music in the late nineties when he started to produce deep house tracks.
The first results - mastered straight from cassette, were released as Plenty Ammo on Inbetween Records and later on the prolific Real Soon label.
Later he put out some more serious tracks on Separe Recordings and Punkt Music and was involved in remix productions for labels like Output Recordings, Rekids, Careless, Spectral and Sonar Kollektiv or Tiny Sticks to name just a few. Also as Arto Mwambe - a project he started with his buddy CB Funk in 2004.
Lauer - Borndom · 3 november 2015
Drie jaar na het verschijnen van zijn debuut album komt Philip Lauer weer met het nieuw solo album "Borndom". Dit album bevat frisse deep house, disco, synth pop en new beat sounds.
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