Allure (foto)
NaamDavid van den Hurk
AliassenDave Demerol, KruH
Genreshouse, trance
Boekingen viaSite
Since the release of 'Kiss From The Past' on June 13th 2011, the rumor mill on the internet forums has been in overdrive. Allure was back - and how! A full-on artist album, distributed in over 20 countries: no less than 14 pure unadulterated trance tracks featuring familiar former Allure vocalists like Christian Burns, JES and Emma Hewitt. Tiësto's tweet "Listen to my @allurelive project which I am involved in" fueled the already piping hot discussions even more. As the title hints, the legendary producer Tiësto, who has been involved with the Allure project since its inception, wanted to say both goodbye and hand on the torch to the next generation.
Allure Kiss From The Past: The Remix Album · 28 april 2013
Allure, het welbekende alias van Tisto kwam in 2011 met 'Kiss From The Past'. Nu, reeds twee jaar later met een remix album getiteld, 'Kiss From The Past The Remix Album.'
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