Zzino (foto)
NaamMarc Van Campenhout
SiteSite zzino.be
Marc Van Campenhout became dj Zzino around 1986, right at beginning of the house and techno era. It wasn't long before he had his first release (1989) under the name Nevermind, which was only a first step in a series of many more to come.In order to stay in touch with what was happening in the music scene and to provide proper dance music for those who wanted to know, he started his famous BCM record store in 1994, first in Mechelen, and later on the second store in Brussels (1998), which became the BCM headquarters in 2003.
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Zzino you are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xje
May your CHRISTMAS be happy
and right from the start,
may the NEW YEAR bring all that is
dear to your heart!!!

3big kisses
op 't gemakske :p