Sebastiaan Merts (foto)
NaamSebastiaan Merts
Leeftijd28 - 29
Genresdeephouse, disco, techhouse
The turbulent life of Sebastiaan Merts began in 1989. Born with blond curls, he grew up in a family with a good taste of music. His father gave him his old record player and some Pink Floyd records, which made him interested in collecting vinyl at an early age. At the age of fourteen, the first oldskool hip-hop records were purchased. With Rush Hour as his main supplier for vinyl and with time, Sebastiaan's taste of music broadened. House, Deep House and Disco were added to his repertoire.

This Amsterdam based DJ with his cheerful appearance is beginning to make a name with his funky and passionate style of mixing. He only plays music he totally believes in and has a love for. Music from the heart!
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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 4 september 2015: Doorgaan met Volta, Volta, Amersfoort
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