NaamEsta Goossens
Genresreggae, tribal house
DJ PolyEsta creates a party with Global Beats and World grooves.
She mixes music from Africa, Asia, Middle East, Latin America and Europe like there are no borders.
PolyEsta blends acoustic with electronic, traditional with modern, and western with non-western music into a very danceable mix.
Cumbia, Desi Beats, Latin percussion, Afrotronic, Balkan Beat, Kuduro, Mestizo, Flamenco, Bellydance, Oriental House, Afro Disco, Electronic Tango, Reggae, Afrobeat, Klezmer, Brazilectro, and other styles get thrown together into a feel good mix of world music.

Fusing different styles from around the globe, Esta presents an explosion of uplifting world beats. Connecting cultures and people in dance.
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