Daddy's Groove (foto)
NaamGianni Romano, Carlo Grieco & Peppe Folliero
FunctieDJ, groep
Daddy's Groove is a duo of dj&producers composed by Carlo Grieco (producer and performer) and Peppe Folliero (producer).
The Daddy's Groove sound waves between house and electro, confirming them as an absolute market music mover.

Daddy's Groove have since released a huge catalogue of tracks over the last few years all backed by influential DJs and picked up by major club labels like Spinnin, Ultra, Axtone, Jack Back, Defected among others.

After remix duties for Axwell and David Guetta to name but a few, 2013 saw the group first major release spree, with several tracks breaking the Beatport Top 100 chart including 'Stellar", 'Unbelievable", 'Vertigo" and 'Tilt" and more.
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