foto Robbá Rovega
NaamRobba Rovega
Lid van groepDonfetti
Genresclub, dirty house, electro, house
partyflock Robba Rovega (27 feb 2015)


When it comes to DJ'ing Robba Rovega really knows his business, bringing all the right music to the dance floor at all the right times. Whether you are enjoying his sets during "Dutch Nights" or at the club with his urban / house sound, it is clear that when Robba is behind the decks people get uplifted and want to dance.

There is no getting around the energy that he brings to his craft and this experience is something you really should not miss.

So far Robba has played at the most famous holiday places around the world, in countries like Austria and France during the winterseason, and Bulgaria, Turkey, Italy and Greece during the summer.

Uitgaansagenda Robbá Rovega

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