Ruttenbergs (foto)
NaamLodewyck Berghuys
FunctieDJ, live act
AliasCity Samplers
Lid van groepYouniverse
Genresprogressive, techhouse, techno
Ruttenbergs, dj/producer, driving force behind 'Op de Valrave' and 'City Samplers' and co-owner of Colored Records. Meet Lodewyck Berghuys, just started for one year and already with releases on respected labels such as Traum and Parquet. Big room melanchonic sounds and always up for a suprise is sets are some of the principles of his performances.

Traum discribing his music as:
" collects a lot of energy right from the beginning, creates a stunning crossover into the field of pop music in its breakdown which we had not heard so far "
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Party agenda Ruttenbergs
Laatste optreden was op zondag 30 augustus 2015: Valrave Festival, Diemerbos, Diemen