Italobrothers (foto)
NaamZacharias Adrian & Matthias Metten
FunctieDJ, groep
In 2005, when all began, the German producer team Zacharias Adrian and Matthias Metten felt that they had to pool together their energy, talent and passion. After two long years of hard and experimental work in the studio, they founded their own dance act, heavily influenced by their so-called Italo-Style. Small wonder that they decided to call themselves Italobrothers!

The first taster to a wider audience was the release of the "The Moon" in 2005. The following year Zachi and the vocalist and front man Matze released "Colours Of The Rainbow", which attracted not only the attention of fans but also of Zooland Records, a Cologne-based independent dance label that also launches huge dance artists like e.g. Cascada or R.I.O.
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