Lunice (foto)
NaamLunice Fermin Pierre II
Lid van groepvroeger: TNGHT
Genresbreakbeat, hip hop
Born and raised in the city of Montreal, Canadian producer / DJ Lunice has always been a disciple of hip hop. Coming up on breakbeats and having taken a stab at nearly all elements, from graffiti to beatboxing, he cut his teeth as a breakdancer and perfected his sense of rhythm and ear for music before hitting the decks and making his own beats. Now, Lunice is an international sensation- overthrowing dance floors everywhere he goes with his unique style: a perfect fusion of traditional and new outlook trap production. With a handful of other peers, he is crafting a powerful new lane in music with bigger and bolder visions for hip hop production.
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Laatste optreden was op donderdag 17 augustus 2017: Pukkelpop, Festivalterrein (kiewit), Hasselt
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