foto Niereich
NaamPeter Linsberger
FunctieDJ, live act
begins to approach the world of dj-ing in 1993 at the age of 12 under a various aliases. The project NIEREICH was born in 2010 with a lot of productions and records for Nachtsrom Schallplatten, DMOM, Mastertraxx, Overdrive or Construct Rhythm and many more.
As DJ/live act/producer and label co-owner of AUDIO STIMULATION he serves as a true multi-purpose weapon. Recently he played in Tresor Berlin, U60311 Frankfurt, Las Dalias IBIZA, Cocoliche Buenos Aires, Amsterdam Dance Event, Mayday Poland, Make some Noize Rom, Hypnotic Festival or at the biggest German in- and outdoor events MAYDAY, RUHR in LOVE, WINTERWORLD or NATURE ONE
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A-Tronix, Access One, ACE, ACidDC, Adi Dassler, Air Flik, Akki, Alex Christensen, Alexia K., Allen Watts, Amentis, Analogue Dream, Andi Teller, Angerfist, AniMe, Anneli, Anormal, Arkus P., Audiofreq, Baby Raw, en nog 247 andere artiesten →

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