Broky B (foto)
Genresclassics, dancehall, funk, hip hop
As a fan of hip-hop and other black music Broky started mixing and scratching in 1990.
His avid practicing paid off quickly: at age 17, he became 6th in the Dutch DMC Finals and in the following years he played at many hip-hop parties, mainly in the Amsterdam area. B-Boy Extravaganza, Bassline, Rhythm & Rhyme and Krazy Phat Unit were parties where he could be heard. He also assisted MC Sranang on his radio show Daily Operation, was a guest mixer on the Dutchmasters hip-hop show and a regular at club Aknathon, café De Duivel, club Paradiso (where he DJ-ed at shows of Jungle Brothers, Organized Konfusion and Q-Bert) and the infamous Hell's Kitchen parties on Queensday...
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 3 december 2016: Rollerdisco, Duycker/De Meerse, Hoofddorp
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