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2Attract goes by the names of Job Bleije (Jay Dare) and Mathijs Kinkel (MisterKink). Before they became a duo they were playing all kind of styles like progressive, house and techno. Except performing all over the Netherlands, Job released a track called 'Parodia' on Cremefresh Records which went all over the world. Mathijs played his music in smaller clubs near Amsterdam.

During their college days they got influenced by techno and techhouse by visiting all kind of underground techno parties. After doing things on their own they decided to combine their strengths. The vibe of Job and Mathijs will not only be on the dancefloors but also behind the decks. 2Attract is born!
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Laatste optreden was op zondag 2 september 2012: Magneet Festival 2012, Oostpunt, Amsterdam
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