Souldynamic (foto)
NaamLuca Ciotoli & Stefano De Magistris
Inspired by the deep passion for true underground music Luca & Stefano met in the early 2000 to dj and produce House music. After years working behind the scenes studying music and listening to their inspiration artists as Louie Vega, Osunlade, Ron Trent & many more. In 2007 they founded their own project named "Souldynamic", the fusion of the true love for soul music and the dynamic sound of the underground beats of these days. Since then, leaving from a small town in the heart of Italy, they met some of the most important heads in the house music scene of today, sharing the dj booth with names as Kerri Chandler, Osunlade, Karizma, Dj Spen, Kenny Dope, Phil Asher, Luis Radio, Atjazz and many others...
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Laatste optreden was op donderdag 15 oktober 2015: House Music United, Paris, Amsterdam
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