Mister Walterz (foto)
NaamJurriaan Walters
AliasSweet Le Freak
Genreshouse, techhouse
partyflock Mr Walterz (29 dec 2012)
Mr Walterz has one single passion: to mix and match to get you on the floor. From an early age playing music and composing, he started his career as DJ for friends and at parties. Soon his star was rising and he now performs at gigs all over the country. With his energetic mixing skills he makes every night a success. He has also performed for MTV in an episode of Pimp my Ride. As a rising star we are sure to hear of him in the international dance scene.
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Laatste optreden was op donderdag 8 oktober 2015: De Studio ontzet - Alkmaars ontzet, De Studio, Alkmaar

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