Marco Zenker (foto)
NaamMarco Zenker
Lid van groepZenker Brothers
Leeftijd29 - 30
Marco was born in Munich in 1988. As a teenager he came true with skateboarding, listening to Roots Reggae, Dub and underground Hip Hop for years. A dj set from his brother Dario in 2006 introduced him to electronic music in a club environment. That night was a turning point in every sense.

Marco started to build a studio and to play live. With his young age he has already a substantial row of gigs and releases to show. Everything began with dancing – the love for music and letting yourself go with the crowd in a club. His live sets are accordingly full of energy and rhythm whereby it is of course also always about the live moment. Marco never plays whole pieces – his live sets are always improvised.
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Laatste optreden was op dinsdag 31 december 2013: Spaced Out, Rijnhal, Arnhem

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