Nastia (foto)
NaamAnastasia Topolskai
Genresminimal, techno
I was born in a small village in the east of Ukraine to a normal family. Nobody was a musician in my family and there was no opportunity to obtain musical education. But I loved to dance and danced well.

Through all my school years I was involved in social activities, I took part in school activities and was very active and enthusiastic.

I have two older sisters, who lived in the near by city - Donetsk. I visited them every two weeks and this is where my first visit to nightclubs happened. This is where I realized what I wanted and everything came into focus...

I finished school in my dear little village and then went on to the university of Donetsk to the Marketing faculty.
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HELDIN!!! Top wijf, hoe ze achter de deks staat half klaar te komen, is toch genieten omd at te zien! Ik moet en zal haar snel zien:D.
Come to NL, please.­