Gior Masaki (foto)
NaamGiorgio Ashruf Esseboom
Lid van groepMokadrumz
Genresafro, dirty house, house, latin
Gior Masaki, going by the name of Giorgio Ashruf, a boy from Arnhem who has been producing house tracks since he was 13 years old.
At the time he was inspired by his older brother Sergio, who was constantly working on producing hip hop beats.
Gior Masaki was often with him to see how his brother produced beats.
That is when it all started.
After the years went by, his computer crashed multiple times when he was 18 years old.
Sadly, he lost all his productions.
Anger and disappointment played a part when he stopped making music for six months.
He put all his love and time in his biggest hobby, soccer...
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