NaamAndrea Brueder
FunctieDJ, live act
Genresambient, house, minimal, techhouse, techno
In 1994, in a small Swiss village called Moehlin, a 13-year-old boy watched older kids play trance and techno records at a local youth centre. The young boy, fascinated by the sounds of the spinning vinyl, asked the teenagers if they could show him how to DJ. In that instant, Andrea Oliva set off on a path that 17 years later led him all the way to the front doors of Luciano's Cadenza label.

It was a journey that began in the most innocent of ways. After saving up for his first mixer and turntables, the young dreamer taught himself how to mix by playing with the only records that he could afford - 10 packs of rejected, forgotten 12-inches that he found in the bargain bin of his local record store.
Defected In The House Miami 2014 · 6 mei 2014
Het is weer zo ver! Een nieuwe mixcompilatie van Defected In The House Miami. Voor de 2014 editie mochten Andrea Oliva, Paolo Rocco en NICe7 ons vermaken met de beste zomertunes van dit moment.
Vagabundos 2013 - Mixed by Argy & Andrea Oliva · 30 maart 2013
De Vagabundos 2013 mix compilatie is in handen van Argy en Andrea Oliva, twee bekende opkomende namen op het Cadenza label. Eens kijken of ze het niveau halen van Luciano?
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