Gore.illa (foto)
NaamCristopher Maldonado
Genresbreakcore, drum & bass, dubstep
Cristopher Maldonado, born on the small island of Bonaire is a young dubstep producer currently residing in the city of Rotterdam, Netherlands. Starting out from a young age playing in different bands and producing it was in the summer of 2006 with producing and playing dubstep. After years of honing his skills he finall found the sound he was going for. With a high energy level and twisted basslines Gore.Illa comes at you with a kamakaze of drops that punch you in the face. One must witness a Gore.Illa set to believe it.
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IK zag deze gozer ooit op een festival camping en we waren cool we hadden gekletst en er was ook drinken we gingen ook weer naar huis allebei