A-Kriv (foto)
Lid van groepFootworxx Militant Crew
Genreshardcore, hardstyle, industrial hardcore
Amet professionally known as ''A-Kriv'' was born in Rome the 9th of August 1992.
He fell in love with music almost straight away, from an early age and started developing a passion for Hardcore music and for ''dj- ing '' and the dj's figure. In 2008 he starts having fun and buying his first Cd's. He the then finds out his true passion which is Making and Producing Music.
He started collaborating with his friend also a music producer, Coremaster. The style they focused on was mainly ''Old School''. Amet wasn't totally satisfied with the results yet.
In 2010 Amet also meets producer Staxs, so together with Coremaster they all three start building their own recording studios where they would produce new music, mainly Hardcore music...
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