Carsten Jost (foto)
NaamDavid Lieske
Leeftijd38 - 39
Genresdeephouse, house, techno
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David Lieske (artist name: Carsten Jost) was born in 1979 in Hamburg. After leaving school at the age of 16 without graduating in 1995 he starts to DJ and organizes events until eventually he founds the record label Dial in 2000 together with Peter Kersten who is Lawrence. His in the year 2001 released debut album "You don't need a weathermen to know which way the wind blows" (Ladomat, Dial) sets Josts interest in minimal techno and the attempt of a politicalization of the same for the first time onto public agendas.

During the years 2001-2008 Jost produces several EPs and remixes for labels as Sender and Klang but mostly for Dial which he still runs together with the Dial protagonists Efdemin, Pantha du Prince and Lawrence.
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