Young Hand (foto)
NaamBas van Os
Lid van groepVierbijVier
Leeftijd26 - 27
Genresdeephouse, dub, electro, house
Bas van Os (Young Hand) born in 1991 in the east of the Netherlands. Around the age of 14th he discovered that he really felt atracted to music.
From the money he got on his 15th birthday he bought himself a Midi-Keyboard. After a few weeks of screwing around on the keyboard it ended on the bottom of the closet.
A little time later he started playing guitar and discovered that playing songs wasn't really his thing.
In the first grade of the Graphic Forming he met Niek, one of his class-mates that produced sick Drum&Bass beats.
After 3 years of messing around Bas finally knew what he wanted: Producing music on his computer...
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